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Places with my boot prints...

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Loop trail that encircles that campground at the park and provides trail access for the campground to the rest of the park.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

This trail alternates between woods and grass fields as it winds along the shoreline through several coves.


Smith Mountain Lake State Park

An easy loop trail that follows the peninsula created by Chestnut Ridge. Trail follows the shoreline and offers sweeping views of the lake and Carter Island.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

A trail under development--some areas are in need of maintenance due to lack of clear trail markings, blowdowns, and lake flooding/erosion. Still a good hike if you don't mind making your own way off-trail for a bit.

Booker T. Washington National Monument

A short lollipop-loop trail with historic significance along two different waterways (Jack-O-Lantern Branch and Gills Creek).

Fairy Stone State Park

A challenging loop trail with a couple of nice overlooks and a lovely water fall. Not for the faint of heart as this is a challenge due to the grade. Accessed via several other trails in the park from the Amphitheater/Trailhead parking area.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

A less-used out-and-back trail that features rock formations and a stone fence dating back to the early 1800's. Rocky trail, so take your trekking poles.

Roanoke Parks

There are multiple trails in this park and views scattered across the mountain. The best view is from Buzzards Rock. Enjoy the bench that's up there!

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Turtle Island Trail, Opossum Trot Trail, Tobacco Run Trail, Lakeview Trail, Beaver Den Trail.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

A small portion of Bucks Run Trail and the lower two-thirds of Stripers Cove Trail and road hiking along Interpretive Trail (road) back to the trailhead.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Loop route using Walton Creek Trail, a portion of Stripers Cove Trail, a small part of Bucks Run Trail, and Turkey Foot Trail.

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